just today

Just today,

I got an email from one of my nutrition information feeds. It informed me that the way one can eat carbohydrates more efficiently and prevent insulin resistance–which is associated with diabetes–is to take Cinnamomum Burmannii Berberine,  Pterocarpus Marsupium,  4-hydroxyisoleucine, #5 – R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)–which you can buy in a pill form.

I did not attend the bariatric conference that I went to and wrote about this time last year–How Can You Say No to a Brownie–and therefore missed the session on Diet Strategies: Which work and which don’t. I guess I will have to wait, along with the rest of the world, on that breaking news.


(Photo credit: Moyan Brenn)

I culled through the medical records of a number of clients at the Health Center, collecting data for a project I am working on. Stories of  lives weathered by poverty through the literature of  lab results, vitals, hospital discharge papers and consult notes. Lives marked by the chronic health problems of diabetes, hypertension, pain, extreme weight and hospitalizations. Conditions tended to by a boat load of pharmaceuticals, prescribed in an oft crap shoot manner.

I was brought to my knees.

I wondered how I can get the inefficiently carbohydrate-eating, diabetes prone poor some Pterocarpus Marsupium.

I wished nutritional supplements were available to my clients. I’d settle for some R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.

I realized I missed the webinar I had registered for with Renegade Chef Ann Cooper. Without an ounce of rocket science she is feeding kids healthy foods in schools. I was disappointed.  Click here

I received an e-health report that 50% of people with hypertension do not have it controlled. I thought about all the records I had just pored over. Most of those with uncontrolled hypertension are on one to three hypertensive medications.  Click here  

I wished again–this time for stress reduction programs for my clients.

I left my office near tears.

I dreamed about a new line of work.

On my way home I heard a news story that stopped me in my tracks. The US Army had declared a service-wide stand down this day to bring attention to the problem of suicide in the military. Army bases around the world were shut down for mandatory suicide prevention training.   Click here

I took a walk.

I thought about processed food. I use tweezers to extricate it from my clients’ lives though I could use something a bit stronger–like a Jaws of Life.

I wondered about a stand down calling for a moratorium on garbage food.

I decided that we need a National Day of Nurturing and Nourishment.

My amazing, earth-moving niece Shanti shared some stories about the beautiful and remarkable greening, gardening and food work she does with the Clinton Housing Development Company and Cultivate HKNY in the midst of New York City.   Click here

Going to pick up my daughter, I drove along a quiet road with the sun setting spectacularly on one side while the harvest moon rose beautifully over the other.

I read the paperwork asking me to sell David’s Cheesecakes, Grandma’s Pies and cookie dough for a fundraiser. My heart sank. My inability to broker in sugar will cost me some bucks as I will have to choose the buyout.

I wrote this blog.

As I was calling it a day, my childhood friend Amy posted information about an organization doing wonderful work. I was glad to learn about One.org that is working with women to address childhood malnutrition and putting nutrition on the global agenda. Please, check it out.  Click here

I shut out the light, deciding I would do a new little campaign at the Health Center. I will call it One Day One Way encouraging people to take back their own health.

By the light of the moon, I wished you all good night

In health, Elyn

comments cherished

my plate

My Plate Haiku

What’s with my tummy
Expanding and contracting
Like the moon above

by David

If only we could
Change the world on that one day
By feeding our hearts     by Julie

7 thoughts on “just today

  1. I so admire how you are an agent for change. And I so appreciate the frustration of doing it so often one client at a time in your little office. But your words do reach out and affect people in the myriad ways you stimulate the conversation and the ways that conversation then resonates with others. For that, I thank you very much.


  2. Thank you for the heads up on the Army bases. and what a kick to see the pieces about Shanti’s work. The ups and downs of this eyes wide open walking through life is rather intense! Thanks for keeping up your glimpses for us.


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