meditation v. medication

Once upon a time, like this past Monday, I was walking down the hall of the Health Center where I work. Passing a closed exam room, I heard the doctor who was inside with a patient say, “Here’s a meditation for you.” Ah, meditation. Instantaneously, I felt my spine lengthen, my breath deepen, and my third eye got a nice little buzz.

But wait. Which of the Young Living Essential Oils that I frequently use had I just inhaled? Was it the oil blend Hope or Dreamcatcher? I must have been hoping or dreaming. By the time my foot that was in the back had overstepped the other one and placed itself in front on the cold, hard and very clean commercial tile, I realized she hadn’t said meditation. She said medication. Of course, silly of me. Where did I think I was?  cafegratitude

I must digress for a moment. The floors in the Health Center are incredibly shiny. Every day, they are cleaned in Zen-like fashion by a woman named Pam. After dancing with the waxing machine, she traces every seam with a long stick with a tennis ball attached to the end, and then with tiny little tools, she meticulously erases every scuff mark with the hands of a surgeon. The place glistens.

Perhaps my momentary delusion was fueled by the fact that the night before I saw this amazing film called, May I Be Frank. It is the true tale of transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes of an overweight, lonely, ill, middle-aged ex-addict named Frank, living in San Francisco. His soul yearning unexpectedly leads him into a raw food restaurant named Cafe Gratitude and the story begins. Through the use of whole foods, affirmations, holistic health modalities, and the receiving of love, true and profound healing ensues. In the film, there is a scene where he goes to a massage therapist. The massage unleashes a deep emotional release in Frank that simultaneously relieves his chronic back pain. I noticed that on the table in the massage room was a collection of Young Living Oils that I am sure were used. I tell you, these oils are powerful.

How many times a day is the word medication used in the Health Center? I even say it about eleven times — and  I am mainly talking about green beans and sardines. Venturing a guess–seven hundred and nine times. No, I don’t think I am exaggerating. If anything, I am underestimating. There is a lot of medication going down.

Imagine if we could subliminally say meditation instead of medication this many times. What meditation are you taking? I am going to prescribe you some meditation. What’s that? You are calling for a refill on your meditation? Which one? You can pick it up at the sanctuary–along with your wheatgrass. That would simply and certainly alter the medical paradigm.

We would do well to consider our health facilities more so like holy temples with acolytes arriving for sustenance and to promote meditation as a veritable ally in the healing of ills. Though the practice of integrative medicine is growing in acceptance and availability–my yearning is to see it accessible and as a model of care in high-risk communities. I encourage everyone to take a look at the film, May I Be Frank. You will be inspired by being witness to possibility. Pam’s devotion to her task has prepared the sacred ground. When the time comes, may we be ready.

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In health, Elyn

9 thoughts on “meditation v. medication

  1. This left me tingling — such a perfect way to describe the dilemma – medication vs meditation or never mind the vs. — lets have them both prescribed if need be. Beautiful description of Pam… chop wood, carry water.. she really may be the guru of the place. Keep talking about green beans and sardines — it works for me!


  2. Brilliant! I love the idea of more and more meditation being woven into the language. Maybe even a bunch of mediation commercials with the deep side affects voice uttering your health and well-being. 🙂

    …and I have to say, I do like the way you tell a story.


  3. Love this post! Beautifully said! When my Mom was in the hospital for her hip replacement I was horrified while I sat in the waiting room nearby a vending machine and watched a different nurse come in every twenty minutes for a soda or a cookie or a bag of chips. It was like, “And you call this a place of HEALING?” Are you kidding??? MediCations: out the window! MediTation: breathe it in deeply. This isn’t a topic I’ve written about on my website (I focus more on the nutritional side of things) but perhaps I should.


    • hi raederle, thanks so much for this comment. i know, it is insane what our healing places look like. to me, it would not seem that difficult to create and enhance healing environments with room for quiet, calming sound, aromatherapy and health supportive foods. keep in touch. i will check out your work. keep up your good work. elyn


      • I agree. Creating a healing environment isn’t rocket science. Live plants, calm colors (not stark white), paintings depicting nature scenes or photographs, a station for tea, etc. I’d really love to see fresh vegetable juice being made in hospitals. Goodness, that will be the day!


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