who do i love?

Happy Valentine’s Day. My day started out with a visit from Ms. Henry. Now, if she is not the true expression of this global love fest, I don’t know who is. One might almost expect for her to leave a trail of rose petals behind as she spreads love wherever she goes. Ms. Henry always has some story that both surprises and delights.

Today, she told me that she had informed everyone, that in no way were they to get her any chocolate this holiday. If they wished to get her anything, she would gladly accept red foods. And, wouldn’t you know it, her six-year-old godson and his mom gifted her with apples and pomegranates. And, the little boy told her that they had shopped for the fruits at the food coop. It was only 9:15 in the morning and I felt my heart open wide.

photo (1)

The rest of my workday was filled with more touching moments as I had some other clients tell of their own personal blossomings and awakenings on this lifetime eating adventure. I was feeling light in spirit as I raced out of the office to tend to some mothering duties–and the late afternoon sun granted me enough warmth that I shed my dark winter coat and threw it in the back seat of the car.

Come evening, I was grateful to join a circle of friends who were gathering for a cozy showing of the movie Moonstruck, thanks to the abundant and incredible hospitality of Heidi, whose love flows out through her wonderful culinary gifts and the pouring of the perfect glass of wine. Tonight’s Italian theme-based dinner was baked ziti, (meatballs on the side) and rapini. Rapini is a green and Brassica rapa vegetable, rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, folate, potassium and detoxifying indole-3-carbinol compounds dear to my heart–of course. Oh, and beautiful, homemade individual heart-shaped flavanoid-blessed chocolate cakes. How sweet is that?

So, though my main squeeze was out of town, and all cuddling was reserved for Chico the cat, it was still a special Valentine’s Day. In its honor, I want to take a moment to share a list of some of the (not previously referenced) amazing people I love whose work informs and supports my own and who inspire me by the generous sharing of their wisdom, wit, intelligence, passion and pure love for keeping us all a little healthier and happier.

Nutritional Wisdom: Andrea Nakayama: AnFunctional Nutrition Alliance; JJ Virgin: Exercise Physiologist and Holistic Nutritionist; Paula Owens: Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner; Lisa Nelson: Heart Health Made Easy

Gentle Approaches to Dietary Self-Management and Body Acceptance: Angela Minelli: Stop Emotional Eating and Compulsive Overeating; Deah Schwartz:  Resources for Every Body Every Size

Environmental Toxins and our Personal Health: Lara Adler: Environmental Toxin Education

Parental Amusement: Honest Toddler: (I just love when Zena reads me these tweets!) (Updated 2020: Twitter feed was taken over by their mom.)

Please take a moment to check these out. I hope they will lead you somewhere helpful. Share with me anyone you love whose message is also along these lines.

With full heart, I call it a day–loving you. Like this post or forward me some love by way of comment, subscription or sharing. Or, a My Plate Haiku (or other expressions) or My Plate Plate.

In health, Elyn

Honest Toddler My Plate

My Plate Haiku

Do not tell someone that you love them

And then six hours later

Make them quinoa.

by Honest Toddler

6 thoughts on “who do i love?

    • dear carrie, oh thanks so much. i am excited about that vegan mac and cheese recipe. the website was very interesting too. (i did note the comment to not use so much pepper and to increase the amount of sauce.) also, thanks for the photo. it fit so nicely. elyn


    • dear kat, thank you. i did take the liberty of using your sweet message as my My Plate haiku. it just fit so perfectly and arrived at just the right moment. And, there you are sitting beautifully in a Valentine’s Day red dress. A rare moment of you sitting instead of navigating rapids or things like that.


  1. I love the clear boundaries and request by your friend for RED foods. A great reminder to LOVE myself by communicating clearly what my needs are. Thanks!


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