dear you, the readers

It has been one year since I first birthed my blog.  One intention, many fears, countless hours and fifty posts.

Having mothered my blog through its infancy, I now must ponder its future as a toddler-staged blog which I call a blogger. My little bloggler is learning to stand on its own and is getting fed some nice comments and words of support. But, mothering a bloggler raises new developmental issues and it is important to have a philosophy of care. Sometimes, one must look for support and feedback from others in order to persevere.

Honest Tea Cap

Honest Tea cap

So, my dear subscribers and readers, as the days grow shorter and as those of us up here in the northern climes prepare to go inward and grow pensive, I ask you for a moment of your time in the form of a click on the “like” box, a few words in the “comment” box, a share of a post, a decision to subscribe or to follow me on Twitter, a submission of a haiku, or a message in an email to let me know what you think.

Are my writings of interest, is there a resonance in the stories, is my exploration of the experiences of real eaters meaningful for you? Are my musings too long or convoluted in their message; do they not offer the hands-on suggestions and answers that we so often seek in this vast landscape, or, are they, as my brother recently told me, intriguing but rather depressing? And if they are, might they also be, as I hope, a bit funny.

Are there topics you would like me to address more, was I remiss in not discussing National Food Daylike Michael Pollan did, should I post more photos of my cat Chico? Have I not discussed menopause enough– which really, I still plan to do?  Am I too cutesy or not cutesy enough? Would you care to know that today I ate a nice nori roll for lunch and that I tried a new flavor of Honest Tea that I really liked called Heavenly Lemon Tulsi–tulsi being another name for Holy Basil which you should really check out? And, while sitting outside on this unusually warm November day, I ventured some deep gulps of the mineral spring waters that flow freely from the fountains that immortalize my nearby town? Would it be good if I included some recipes like many other food bloggers do? Should I change my template or alter the background color? Am I too pink or does my cynicism tinge the blog a light shade of tan?

Should it matter to you that this week I worked with a 41-year-old woman who weighed 78 pounds? And, then, immediately following, a 39-year-old woman who weighed 310 pounds? That a woman at my daughter’s crew event told me that getting her house ready for the real estate agent to show was so stressful, that she needed three scoops of ice cream at Friendly’s? That yesterday, a nine-year-old told me that she feels different from everyone else, and trying on clothes that say Plus Size in the store is very embarrassing? That next week I will see a two-year-old who weighs 65 pounds? Or, that a mere few hours ago, a beautiful 18-year-old college student shared with me that being thinner than 100 pounds would make her less ugly than she already is and that she has never loved her body?

It has been a number of years now since I ended my subscription to Mothering Magazine and I am certainly feeling a little lost without it. So, any input, advice or inspiration would be greatly appreciated. Gotta run. Time to put the little bloggler to bed.

Thank you for listening, sharing, following and supporting my writing. Please subscribe in the sidebar to receive notice of new posts. Comments and greetings always welcome.

In health, Elyn

my plate

My Plate Haiku

Grasses, grain, fruit, wine

Garden flowers produce joy

Kitchen flours bread.

By Gordon

15 thoughts on “dear you, the readers

  1. Dear Elyn,

    I love reading your writing and hearing its clear, potent voice. I love listening to your expressions of compassion for those who are suffering. I love how you model for me seeing the individual and caring for her or him.

    I love that your journalism comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable (or at least points out their willingness to profit at the cost of the health of others.

    I love your writing style, your wryness and — once in a great while — your silliness. I love how you reach for interest, how you stretch yourself and your readers, how you see and describe things that others miss.

    I love how you tie the experiences of others to your own life and share your family with your readers without invading their privacy.

    In short, I am a fan.



  2. All I can say is that I look forward to reading your blog each week. It is insightful, funny, poignant, pertinent, relevant, warm, and just wonderful. And as one of your other fans remarked — I am eager for the book!


  3. thanks so much kay for taking a read. i agree that we are what we are aware of and that includes what we eat. however, it is obvious what some foods are, but for so many others, it is unfathomable to even know what they truly are and how they are affecting us. its gotten tricky out there. warmly, elyn


  4. Write the book. Provide a world of readers with your rich insights, subtle wit, compassionate education, informed comments, skillful writing, wonderful anecdotes funny and disturbingly real — and Chico the cat. Plenty of photo findings, haikus, and all the rest of the charming and powerful things you offer. There’s a large audience out there that you could well benefit. If that requires a leave of absence from the blog — so be it. We readers will understand. I want a signed copy.


    • dearest susan, thank you for these kind words of support. when i return from doing my research in greenland, you and i will go do our work in the caribbean where we will dine on callaloo.
      i will also soon need to write more on lovely chico who is the anthropomorphic representative of many human eaters; and who is sometimes assigned a diet and exercise plan like the rest of us.


  5. Keep climbing Elyn! I enjoy reading your blog, when it pops up on my facebook page, of all places for us former Waldorfy-mamas to meet! 🙂 Your posts remind me of the importance of your work, to refer clients I know could benefit from your care/guidance/expertise, and to be mindful in my own relationship with food/body-mind connection. There is always a balance to be found in life, thus identifying/reflecting upon what purpose you hope this blog will serve and how it continues to nurture/serve you, too, will be important going forward. Blessings on the journey, Lisa


    • Dear Lisa, Thank you so much. Your words are always wise and the reflection on how the blog nurtures me is an important one. I invite all parents and anyone seeking grit and fortitude to read your lovely writings at “lions whiskers”. Elyn


  6. You have definitely taken me through a melange of emotions! Sometimes I start off smiling, then crying, and as I read on I become nauseous then wholesome, melancholic, then happy again and so it continues to the end. The long and short is that I do enjoy your posts; they are informative, eye-opening, funny, real, insightful, and irresistible. Keep writing!


    • Dear Genie, thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me. Offering insight with a touch of nausea is just what i am going for. No, really, thank you for getting it. I have taken a look at healthy living now and am impressed with the variety of caring information being offered there. Warmly, Elyn


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